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About Tiny Printer Eclipse Plugin

TinyPrinter eclipse plugins is based on PaperClips API, it aims to provide a handy source codes printing tool in eclipse.

The application is available as a plugin for Eclipse 3.2.

the webpage style is copied from Eclipse SQL Exployer

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Installation Instructions

Eclipse Plugin


Download the TinyPrinter eclipse plugin and extract the zip file in your eclipse directory.
After restarting eclipse with the -clean option, Right-click on the source file name in package explorer and select "print It"

Eclipse Update Site

You can install and update TinyPrinter Eclipse via the eclipse update mechanism. The update site for TinyPrinter Eclipse is http://tinyprinter.sourceforge.net/update, (support eclipse3.2+) [TODO]



  • it is planned to release 1.0.0 (Petunia) in 2006.11.11 check project tasks
  • release 0.0.3 in 2006.10.29, alpha version [Passed]


Install paperclips plugin first


For tinyprinter 1.0.x versions: Eclipse 3.2
JDK 1.4 or JDK 1.5


  • Big thanks to the paperclips project of creating nice API
  • thanks to SourceForge for giving Artistic Style its home
  • thanks to Eclipse.org for giving this excellent platform
  • thanks to the first user (you are here) who bring me quick feedback, which give me energy
  • thanks to everyone who visited this webpage, bb